Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photographs of the Customs House

The new Samuel Beckett Bridge will be floated down through the East Link bridge in the next day or two, weather permitting. It will then span the river just at the docklands side of Customs House quay. I think the bridge looks nice, much more pleasing to the eye than most of the other bridges across the river but I just realised that it will likely change the views of the Customs House and city skyline from the south quays.

I've seen some lovely sunset photos taken from that side of the river and from the docklands pedestrian bridge looking towards the Customs House. The new bridge will probably provide new photo opportunities but it might be worth getting down there and taking some photos today before the bridge is put in place.

Update: Woops, silly me. I got a look at a map and it turns out I thought Customs House Quay was half the size it actually is and the bridge is going in further down the river. The pedestrian bridge is closer too the Customs House than the new one.

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