Wednesday, May 06, 2009

George Lee off to Fine Gael

So George Lee has been selected to run for Fine Gael in Dublin South next month. A high profile candidate such as Lee will make the by-election much more interesting and he should have a good chance of winning but it will also make things interesting in Fine Gael itself. George Lee is hardly going to give up the job as Economics Editor in RTE to rot on the back benches of the opposition. He must have his eye on the front bench and logically he would want a finance portfolio, but Richard Bruton is Fine Gaels best front bencher in the finance role so Fine Gael would be crazy to demote him. 

Here is my guess, if Fine Gael do well in the up coming local European and by-elections Enda Kenny will stand down as Fine Gael leader within the next year and later announce he wants to run for president in 2 years time. Richard Bruton will then step up to lead Fine Gael and George Lee will become finance spokesperson. That should give Fine Gael a strong finance team to attack the government in the next election.

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