Thursday, September 13, 2007

Steve Staunton

Woops, looks like poor Steve is on the way out of the Irish managers job after last nights loss to the Czechs. He just got the dreaded endorsement/vote of confidence from the Football Association of Ireland, but to make it worse it was a "guarded" endorsement. In other words 'We fully support the manager. The locksmith isn't available to change the locks until tomorrow morning...'

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ciaran said...

Wouldn't bet on it.

FAI tend to hang on to people who don't ruffle their feathers much. His mate Delaney will probably concur with the "we're still building argument" and hope that people will pack the stadiums and keep the money comming in.

Anyway, to get somone good you have to pay way over the odds on what the FAI are prepared to pay. And Stauntan still has a few years left in his contract, which would need to be honoured.