Saturday, September 15, 2007

Ireland 14 - Georgia 10

Ireland 14 - Georgia 10 and Georgia were unlucky not to win. Jaysis that was awful. Awful. I was in Kielys in Donnybrook the biggest rugby pub in Dublin and people were completely deflated at the result.

Fan 1: "This is a performance that would get any of them onto the Clongowes team!"
Fan 2: "No way! Newbridge, maybe."

At least we now know what we have to do for the rest of the world cup. It's knock out now. We have to win every match, France, Argentina, Quarter Final, Semi Final, Final. Loose one and the team is going home early.

UPDATE: I've come to the conclusion that I should stop complaining about the Irish team and support them. Like the Munster fans did in 2006 when Munster won the Heineken Cup. I'm going to wear my Irish rugby jerseys with pride.


Johnny K said...

I don't buy the whole Georgia unlucky to win verdict. Ireland's defence was superb for the entire match, the problem was when we had the ball in hand.

ciaran said...

I was in Kielys also. Didn't see you there.

If we beat France we'll qualify, regardless how we do against Argentina. . A very large "If" it must be said.

If we lose to France by any margin, we'd more than likely need to hammer Argentina ( score four tries > win by more than 7 ) to get through