Sunday, September 09, 2007

Rugby on the Radio

Is any radio station in Ireland carrying decent coverage of the Rugby World Cup? Newstalk has made much of their exclusive coverage but during the pool stages they are only broadcasting one game a day, apart from Saturday 15th when they have two games on. Please tell me the coverage is not "exclusive" and some other station I haven't found yet is covering the matches Newstalk has overlooked.

I really wanted to listen to the Canada v Wales game this afternoon followed by the South Africa V Samoa game but Newstalk broadcast the All Ireland Camogie Final instead. The same game that was on RTE radio. Before anyone argues that it is only proper for Newstalk to cover the All Ireland we should all be honest and admit that 99% of GAA fans would prefer to listen to Micháel O’Muircheartaigh on RTE than Oisin Langan on Newstalk and they probably did. I feel Newstalk could have been brave today and covered the rugby instead of playing second fiddle to RTE. In the end I listened to the Camogie on RTE, well done Wexford. I'm home now and watching Scotland steamroller Portugal in the rugby.


Cian said...

on my way to dublin today with the radio in my ear and bang, same problem. I was planning on having some decent build up to the irish game, possibly the SA and samoa game too.

Camogie is a decent game but to have the final on two stations left me with larry 'granda' gogan. Awful stuff so far from newstalk who cant sacrifice the time (an listeners) for rugby.

Ciaran said...

There's only one Micháel O’Muircheartaigh!

Brian O Driscoll with the ball.. a GREAT kick.. and the ball is gone over the bar!