Friday, September 14, 2007

England 0 - 36 South Africa

Jaysis, England 0 - 36 South Africa, and we were proud of beating England in Croke Park last year. Turns out it wasn't much of an achievement. I actually began to feel sorry for the English team by the end, especially when Jason Robinson pulled his hamstring ending his career and spent the rest of the match sitting on the bench looking like a boxer in his corner after getting a beating in a fight. It's looks like the 6 Nations are about to get a wake up call from the Southern Hemisphere.


Johnny K said...

Firstly,. Ireland beat a stronger English 11 by 30 points. Secondly S.A. beat England twice earlier this year by 55-22 and 58-10. Thirdly the Northern Hemisphere has always been playing catch-up so it's not really a wake up call.

Johnny K said...

Haha, obviously I do too much writing about football. It should have read English 15!