Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ireland V Argentina

Half time Ireland 10 - Argentina 18. The dream is almost over. Ireland just broke through once with a moment of magic/luck from O'Driscoll. Other than that the tactic of catching the ball, putting the head down and and running straight into the closest Argentinian player doesn't seem to be working, but then again it hasn't worked for months so the chances of it changing in the next 40 minutes are slim. Argentina on the other hand have realised that there are wings on the pitch and have tried running down them.

Update: 58 mins. Ireland 15 - Argentina 21: The commentator on Setanta said O'Gara is not kicking to his usual standard. But in my opinion the problem is he is kicking to his recent standard. O'Sullivan should have taking him out the team weeks ago but doesn't know what to do or who to replace him with.

Update: 70 mins. Ireland 15 - Argentina 27: Well at this stage it would be a travesty of justice if Ireland some how managed to get the extra trys, win the game and finish more than 7 points ahead of Argentina. Though I wouldn't turn it down if it did happen. Still I take some consolation in knowing that this result messes up the French who will now have to play New Zealand in Cardiff instead of Scotland in Paris. Now the home team will have to win a game against the tournament favorites away from home. I'm cruel.

Update: Full Time Ireland 15 - Argentina 30: Better team won, fair play to them. At least we didnt put in one good preformance at the end and give Eddie O'Sullivan a chance to say "We got it right in the end". Now we know things have to change.


Chicago Bear said...

Do you know what the song was that Setanta played as they showed clips of Ireland's games in the RWC? It was played right at the end of the coverage from the game and the later after a highlights show. It was quite good as it hit the mood perfectly.

Declan said...

Sorry I dont know, as soon as the match was over I flipped to the radio to listen to George Hook.

Can you remember any of they lyrics of it or was it classical? Odds are it was something recent.

Chicago Bear said...

It was a cover which reminded me of Johnny Cash singing "Rusty Chain" by Soundgarden. Somewhat depressing with a mention of breaking the skin. Really hit the moment. Love George Hook can't stand Daire (kelly?) the studio host.

Declan said...

Oh, was it Johnny Cash's Hurt.

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real
The needle tears a hold
The old familiar sting
Try to kill it all away
But I remember everything

YouTube have copies of the video

Chicago Bear said...

Bingo, thanks I knew it was something like that and I had heard Rusty Cage recently. Setanta did a great job putting that together. I've noticed that they and Sky do a much better job with that sort of thing than we do in the States.