Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The wall is gone?

It's interesting how a symbol of state tyranny and oppression can be hated and eventually destroyed by the people but then years later it's remains could be protected by the people and destroyed by the state.

One of the last pieces of the Berlin Wall was removed at the weekend by the German government to make room for the construction of the new environment ministry. Ironic that they would remove the Berlin Wall for an Environment Ministry since I once heard that the wall contained of asbestos.

Anyway, the government decided to remove the slab over the Easter weekend because they hoped people wouldn't notice. Unfortunately for them tourists like to visit the wall and were a bit confused by it's sudden disappearance. It took a couple of days for the government to admit that they had removed the wall but they now claim that it will be integrated into and on display in the new building.

It's a strange world sometimes.

[via The Guardian]

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