Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gun Control Logic

Pro and anit gun lobby spokespeople seem to be all over the media explaining that if the students in Virginia Tech had their own guns then yesterdays tragedy would not have happened. Ok, I'm not anti-gun or anything like it but the idea of 25,000 students walking around campus with guns stuns me. There has to be a better solution than a national mexican standoff. On the other hand the idea of banning all guns in America and hoping everyone hands over their weapons, leading to the creation of a crime free and peaceful utopia is equally unrealistic. The problem is the two sides in the gun control debate are so polarized that they don't seem able to compromise. Thank god we dont have those problems in Ireland, yet.


Keith said...

Number of school shooting incidents in Ireland since the year dot? 0 (ok, maybe someone sometime in the past might of but I can't think of any).
Number of shootings in the US? Well not happening everyday but something like once every few years.

Removing the guns isn't going to stop people killing each other but it's definitely going to have an effect. That argument that if everyone had guns, things would of turned out better must come from the same people who came up with creationism.

Lt. Colonel Creedon said...

I think there should be some watchdog agency that goes around scanning websites for wierdo's posing with guns to flag them for surveillence or something.