Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Aer Lingus selling exit row seats

Once the pride of Irish tourism Aer Lingus is rapidly nose diving down to the level of Ryanair where seats are sold for €0.02 but end up costing nearly €50 when you take into account taxes and charges as a friend of mine found out recently when he bought tickets for himself, his wife and their baby on Ryanair for €0.04 but ended up paying €116 for when all the charges were taken into account. I must get the breakdown of the charges, it's shocking, he gave me a copy of it and said I should blog about it. It is a bit like going to a supermarket buying a loaf of bread for €0.01 but then being charged 0.50c to use the basket, €1.00 per item for the use of the checkout til and another €0.50 for using the laser scanner.

The latest extra charge being presented to travellers is a charge for pre-booking seats.

From 23 May it will cost €10 to pre-book a seat in the first five rows, an exit seat will cost €15, and all remaining seats will cost €3 to pre-book.

Not so long ago online seat reservation was a feature airlines advertised and boasted about, now they penalise those who choose their airline because of that facility.

What I'm truly annoyed at is the fact that they now sell emergency exit seats. A few years ago they used to offer those seats for people who were physically able to open the door in case of emergency. Now it appears that so long as you can pay they don't care. I imagine plenty of old and infirm people would appreciate the extra space now available to them. Just hope that an 80 year old man isn't trying to open your nearest exit if the plane your are travelling on ever has an emergency.

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