Tuesday, April 24, 2007


Someones made a movie about one of the towns I visited on my travels in Australia. Jindabyne is a little town in the Snowy Mountains between Melbourne and Sydney. The premise of the movie seems to be about a murder and the strange behaviour of people in the town after the body is discovered.

Having been there I have to say it's not the strangest place I visited in Australia, but I can kind of understand the idea of the local people starting to go a little crazy. It's a nice town to visit, but I imagine that for the locals things can get a little quiet. Plus, maybe it's just me, but if you destroy an old town and build a new one somewhere else giving the new town the same name as the old one just seems unluky if you don't add "New" to the name. When old Jindabyne was flooded they should have built "New Jindabyne".

But the madness is not limited to the locals, I even remember some of the people on the bus doing some strange things a few hours after getting there, namely Adrianna, Rachel, Jenny, Ian and their reaction to the "Picky Picky song". But sure what goes on tour stays on tour...

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