Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Alien Life

The big news of the day is the fact that astronomers believe they have found an Earth like planet 20.5 light years from our own. The mean temperature on the planet is 0 to 40 degrees Celsius which means water could flow on it's surface which means the conditions could exist for life.

I have to wonder, if there is life on the planet and if it is intelligent and advanced have they noticed us? If so what could they think about us? Maybe the TV listings from 1980s would help them decide.

They have just watched humanity fight off one alien invasion and are just starting to watch a typical suburban family protect another cat eating alien. The man destined to be the worlds greatest intelligence agent has just started down the path to international spy by doing a little bit of private investigation while former soldiers turned PIs enjoy the sun and drive Ferraris in Hawaii. But should they plan to attack our puny little planet they now know that you should never lock a team of 4 humans in a barn with a bus, a stack of air cannisters, some metal sheets and a welder.

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