Thursday, August 18, 2005

Starbucks in Dundrum

The first Starbucks in the Republic of Ireland opened today in Dundrum. I like Starbucks, I know they are the evil empire or something and the anti-starbucks brigade will confiscate my coffee mug as punishment, but I actually like their coffee (you should taste the chemicals we call coffee in work and you'll know why I like Starbucks). I make a point of visiting a Starbucks when on holidays, much to the amused annoyance of a friend of mine who is usually with me. She thinks Starbucks coffee is warm milk and only goes there to keep me happy. :-)

I am quite happy to see Starbucks opening in Dundrum as that is just 5 minutes up the road from me. I expect any time I'm in the shopping center I'll call in to them for my caffeine fix.

Unfortunately for Starbucks in Dundrum they managed to piss off numerous customers with poor customer service 1 1/2 hours before they actually opened.

There was a sign by the door last night saying they were open at 8:30am Monday-Friday and another sign said they were opening this morning. I went up there this morning and got to the shop at 8:35am to find about 15 people standing outside waiting. The shutter was half down on the door but the staff were inside. Eventually one chap went over and spoke to a suited guy sitting on the couches beside the door. He came back and said he was told they were open at 10am.

Some people went away but most of us waited for confirmation, like a sign on the window or something. Eventually one woman went over and asked the suited guy. She had to ask 3 times before the guy acknowledged her presence. Then he gruffly said 10 am and walked over to seats further from the door. As the woman walked away she muttered "well they have just lost one customer".

Bad Starbucks, bad.

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