Monday, August 15, 2005

Rip Off Republic Reminder

I've noticed a few people seem to have found my blog through searches for Rip Off Republic and Eddie Hobbs, hopefully they liked what they read. Anyway, for anyone else who wanders in looking for Rip off Republic today, don't forget the second episode is on tonight at 9:30 on RTE One. Should be interesting, even if it is telling us what we all know already.

On a related note, looks like the bloody Taxi Drivers are complaining again, they now want a surcharge because fuel prices have gone up. Normally I'd say fair enough, if it was a cheap service to start with, like low-cost airlines. Instead when you take a taxi you are literally being taken for a ride. Not so long ago it cost me €€6 to get a taxi home, now its €€10. The difference in service? All I've noticed is a printed receipt! They say that the rise in fuel costs has increased their costs by €€20 to €25 that's two fares, which is probably two fares they have lost from me cause now I just walk or wait a little longer for the bus. Put the prices up more, loose more custom.

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