Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Shuttle diverted

Don't you hate it when your flight gets diverted to another airport for some reason and you end up being bussed back to your original destination, tired, hungry, pissed off and probably missing your luggage.

Could be worse, you could be on the shuttle with enough food, water and carbon dioxide scrubbers to make it to Wednesday. Your whole family could be sitting in the "arrivals area" for the last 24 hours hoping your DIY patch job on the heat shield worked. And then someone decides you cant land in Florida. :-)

Looks like the shuttle is off for a night landing in California. Should make for an interesting sight I'm sure people are being woken up by phone calls from their mates telling them to get their asses out to some observation site near Edwards to watch the shuttle land.

But seriously, good luck to the crew, hopefully this will be the worst thing that happens to them today. I certainly wouldn't like to be on Discovery right now waiting for re-entry.

Update: The Shuttle landed safely

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