Thursday, August 04, 2005

A 3 Customer Experience

Antoin has a blog entry about his experience as a customer of the new 3 network. Its worth a read for anyone considering signing up. His main complaint is that 3 doesnt allow customers to access the internet properly from their serivce. Instead they offer a set of approved sites.
Three doesn’t allow users to access the Internet from their shiny new broadband phones. I rang up the call centre to check on this, and they confirmed that Internet access isn’t a service they offer. They can only access the things that Three has decided customers should be allowed to access. The main services are games, pop videos, lightweight news services and maybe a bit of soft porn. Funnily enough, these are all things that you have to pay extra for, sooner or later. I can’t see them appealing to anyone except teenagers who like spending their parents’ money and patients in hospitals with no televisions.
My current GPRS service with O2 seems to allow me to connect to any url, it's the phone that cant display the page. If 3 is providing the phones then they should provide the service to go with them or customers will be disapointed.

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