Monday, August 15, 2005

Photography Rip-Off

Something else I'd like to get off my chest after the weekend, the cost of getting photos developed. Wow, its getting expensive to use a 35mm camera in this city. I had 4 rolls of 36 to get processed and I wanted an extra set of prints on 3 of them. I was also constrained by being too lazy to go into town so I went to the "cheap" labs up in Dundrum. They all worked out at between €€11 and €13 for each roll. Thats overnight! 1 Hour development was over €16. Bloody hell! I've got to get a cheaper hobby. Though that digital SLR I have earmarked as my SSIA treat is looking more and more attractive.

(For those looking for single sets Boots was the cheapest at just over €8, but their extra set was over €4 which made them more expensive than the other two. Cant comment on the quality, but I may throw a film in to them just to see what it comes out like.)

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