Friday, July 13, 2007

Start building an Ark

As I walked to work this morning through the monsoon that hasn't stopped for over a month this "summer" I heard a caller on the Gerry Ryan radio show call for a new election to get a new God. Of course it was meant in jest but it did make me realise the real reason for this awful summer or rain. It's and advertising stunt by Universal Studios for their new movie Evan Almighty, a comedy about Evan (Steve Carell) chosen to build a new Ark by God (Morgan Freeman).


Johnny K said...

Stop whinging about the weather. It's a problem of our own making.

If it affects you so much just move to a country where it doesn't rain as much.

Anonymous said...

I'm doing my bit to stop the rain by leaving the lights on in my house to improve Global Warming.

John said...
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