Tuesday, July 31, 2007

GAA Complaints

Do the GAA counties fans and officials do anything other than complain about how unfair everything is? Time was just getting to Croke Park was an achievement, now counties complain if another team gets a second chance no matter how many they themselves got (Cork who have lost or drawn as many matches as they have won, in what used to be a knock out competition) or if their time slot in the stadium is not prime time (Westmeath who were on Newstalk tonight complaining that their time slot in Croker is too early this weekend).

I hope both teams get their asses kicked on Sunday, might make them appreciate the trip to Dublin a bit more next year. Of course I am a Waterford fan so I suppose my opinion is biased and trips to Croke Park are still novel occasions.

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ciaran said...

That's rich comes from somone who moans so much about the weather ( sorry couldn't resist)

The GAA often have to a lot of juggling to accomodate as many matches in Croke park as possible.. In this case to accomodate the Cork/Waterford replay in Croke Park.. The Dublin Cork Minor Semi final was moved out of Croke Park altogether and the Nicky Rackard cup was moved to an earlier 11.30 slot..

The westmeath guy on Newstalk was reasonable i thought. He set his stance that it was his duty to promote hurling within his own county.. and he sounded like someone whose actively doing that... Having being promised from day 1 that the final of the Nicky Racket cup was always to be played at 2pm before a major match-- He was simply disapointed that they had to move their game from 11:30, it's human nature to be disapointed in this case and understandable..

The free ( and it was a legimate free) at the end between Cork and Waterford was the equivalenet of a soccer referree awarding a last minute penalty in the q/final of a major trophy. Give me a soccer player or official who doens't publically moan when that happens. I'm not saying its right but There's an awful lot at stake in these games and it's understandable to be annoyed when a call goes the other way... particulaly if you think you are right ( which Gerald McCarthy wasn't in this case)