Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Futurama Movie

Forget The Simpsons Movie, that series stopped being funny years ago. Futurama has it's own movie coming out. It will be released on DVD only but beggars cant be choosers. Now if only they would make a Family Guy movie for the cinema the world would be a better place.


nicola-t said...

Hey there, did you watch Bender's Big Score in the end? If so, what did you think of it?

Declan said...

Yeah I saw it and I liked it. It used lots of the Futurama background to build up what would have been the best episode of the show. The use of the cryogenic to travel forward in time worked well and is a core part of the Futurama story and lets face it, the Leela/Fry romance is the best on tv since Moonlighting ;-) It might have been a little long winded at times and the idea of spammers taking over the planet didnt quite click into place for me, they have done much better alien attacks like the Omicronians attacking because of popplers. That said in general it was good.

I suppose I should also say that it was better than the Simpsons movie and I did not have to pay to go see it in a cinema.