Monday, June 11, 2007

No highrise for Ballsbridge

RTE News is reporting that Dublin city council has rejected an application for planning permission for a 20 storey appartment block in Ballsbridge. I can understand the objections of the locals, if I lived in Ballsbridge I wouldnt like a highrise there either but I think the council is going to have to grow up sometime and move into the 20th century (we'll work on the 21st century next decade). City sprawl is one of the biggest problems faced by Dublin and the only solution is to build up. The argument that high rise didnt work in Ballymun so it wont work anywhere else in Dublin is a little hollow, after all, cities like New York and Sydney have managed to build upwards without society collapsing.

High rise will work, even in Dublin, if it's planned properly, built to a high enough quality, then managed and maintained to a proper standard. If we continue to push Dublin housing estates out into the midlands then the Ireland of citizen commuters will be a sad and stressful place, but the residents of Ballsbridge and the city council wont have to face that so RTE is happy.

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