Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Irish Cabinet

The "New" cabinet is in, well not so new really.
  • Cowen, Finance and Tanaiste
  • Harney, Health/Children
  • D Ahern, Foreign Affairs
  • Martin, Enterprise Trade and Employment
  • Coughlan, Agriculture Fisheries and Food
  • Hanafin, Education
  • Lenihan, Justice
  • Dempsey, Transport and Marine
  • Brennan, Arts, Tourism and Sport
  • Gormley, Environment
  • Ryan, Energy, Communication and Natural Resources
  • O’Dea, Defence
  • O’Cuiv, Gaeltacht and Rural Affairs
  • Cullen, Social and Family Affairs
  • Roche to become Junior super-minister for European Affairs
  • Tom Kitt stays on as Chief Whip
  • Paul Gallagher to Attorney General
I cant believe Cullen is still in the cabinet and now he's responsible for Social and Family Affairs, lots of money there for him to play with, just don't loose your job or have children and you'll be grand. I think it's good that Lenihan got a big portfolio like Justice, I'd see him as a possible future leader and I always had great respect for his father. Dempsey in transport will be interesting, he got a lot of flack while in Communications, this will give him a second chance. Of course the Greens got their Environment related jobs.

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