Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photos, Lots of Photos

Since I decided to create backup DVDs and send copies of all my photos home I have abandoned the idea of using flickr as a true backup for my photos. That means I can now upload them at a smaller size. That speeds the process up a lot so I'm just going to throw up as many photographs as possible.

I'm still using flickr as a backup of low quality copies (a friend of mine lost all her photos from Australia so I'm paranoid) so sorry if it's a bit of a jumble and if many of them are crap. I hope there are some good ones in there but until Christmas I'm not going to get time to sort them out.

The best way to view the photos is by viewing the Set for a particular location.

Uploaded now are all the following
  • Australia Zoo

  • Rainbow Beach

  • Fraser Island

  • Whitsunday Islands

  • Magnetic Island

  • Mission Beach

  • Croc Farm and Lake Eacham
  • Reorg of Australia set to create Barrington set and remove photos in other sets


Darran said...


Check this out this for a few ideas for the next time!


Declan said...

Thats basically what I ended up doing. I saw lots of people using iPods and one guy using the Archos as a backup so I ended up buying a toshiba gigabeat and using that (it came with all the cables where as iPods dont, photo, FM radio and AC power)

Funnily enough this morning when I plugged my player into my computer it wiped my media. Now I had everything backed up but it was an eye opener :-)
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