Saturday, November 04, 2006

Checking in

I moved on from Magnetic Island today where I had spent the last few days. I'll post about that and Airlie Beach tomorrow, assuming I still around tomorrow ;-)

At 7:30am I'm heading out to throw myself out of a perfectly good airplane and try to land on a beach between a crocodile and snake infested rain forest on one side and a shark, stinger and crocodile infested sea on the other side (yes crocs go into the sea and can be found around beaches in Queensland, who would have guessed). Should be great fun :-) Its a tandem sky dive from 14,000 feet and I signed up to get the DVD and all the extras. I'll have to put together a parcel of stuff to send home when I'm in Cairns.

I also finalised the last couple of legs of my trip this evening. I had already planned as far as Alice Springs but now I have the rest of the route back to Sydney planned and booked. I finally bit the bullet and decided to skip New Zealand. There are just too many things to see and do in Australia. I've decided that I can always take 3 weeks to a month off in a couple of years and see New Zealand properly instead of rushing around Australia and then rushing around New Zealand.
Update: 5-11 I'm back and it was GREAT fun. I now know why people get hooked on skydiving. It was an amazing experience.

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-Ann said...

Fantastic! Great to hear that you survived in one piece, avoided the snakes and crocs, and had a good time.

Am quite jealous of your adventures.