Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Where are all the Photos?

As some people may have noticed I've stopped uploading photographs to flickr. Hopefully this is only temporary and I hope to get going again once I get to Cairns. The problem is that since leaving Brisbane the internet connections have gotten progressively slower and it now takes several minutes to upload a single photograph. As you can imagine this gets a bit tedious and expensive. Also I have over 3GB of photographs now so the idea of using flickr as a backup just wont work. Instead I'm going to burn them to DVD and send home a package of stuff from Cairns. I'll just select the best photographs and upload those anyway, no point in uploading everything if I have backups elsewhere.

1 comment:

Red Mum said...

I'm loving this travel blog, its great, wish I was there. And missing the pics :( But you can't have everything!