Friday, April 14, 2006

Remember Easter 1916, but only after Easter 2006

Like many others in Ireland I'm off work today. Good Friday is a bank holiday but is not a public holiday however many companies still give their staff the day off. In the Ireland of 2006 most shops cafe and other foot-fall based businesses are open and doing quite a brisk trade. Now I know that I shouldn't complain about some things being closed since I myself have the day off but in one particular case I think I have to.

Collins Barracks in Dublin is hosting the main Easter 1916 exhibition to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the rising, The Easter Rising: Understanding 1916. Following a major advertising campaign it would seem logical that the busiest time for this exhibition would be over the Easter holiday. I headed over to it today only to find the gates shut. You see it may be hosting the Easter 1916 exhibition but that's not a good enough excuse to get the staff to work on an Easter bank holiday. So it's closed today.

While I waited 7 minutes for a Luas tram to bring me back into the city center I counted 11 other tourists walking up to the gate only to turn around confused when it was closed. It might be open tomorrow but I wouldn't be too sure about Sunday or Monday.

Update Arpil 18th: I was away for the weekend and I took the train to and from Heuston. The museum was open on Saturday morning when I passed on the Luas and then on Monday night a sign on the gate said it had been open between 14:00 to 17:00.

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