Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Drivers Licenses

I was away for the weekend so I missed most of the news coverage but I did see a clip of Martin Cullen giving an interview where he said it was too easy for people to get their driving license and too difficult to take it away from them.

Easy? Is he kidding? I know people who have gotten university degrees in less time than it takes to get a drivers license in this country. The fact that it takes a year to get a date for your driving test means that if you were unlucky and failed the test twice it could easily take up to 3 years for you to finally get your full license.

As for it being too difficult to take a license away, well if he took the licenses off everyone in the country who is a bad driver and made them sit the test again it would take 5 years to get a test instead of 1.

Fix the driving instruction and driving test fiasco in this country and then you can worry about taking peoples licenses from them. It should take no more than 1 month to book and sit a test and driving instructors should be properly qualified and licensed to be instructors. Then maybe there wouldn't be the need to take away so many licenses and the option would be available to punish minor offences by forcing fully licensed drivers back onto provisional licenses with L plates and make them sit a driving test again.

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