Sunday, April 02, 2006

It pays to shop around

People always say it pays to shop around, but sometimes shopping around can be as easy as walking around one shop. Case in point is the Virgin Megastore in Dundrum.

Yesterday I bought the original Star Wars Trilogy for €24.99. This was a sale price and according to the sticker was reduced from €47.99. The boxes were on a stand at the front of the shop. At the back of the shop in the DVD section the same boxes were on sale for €42.99. These were the basic 3 disc packs, there is another box set with 4 discs for €57.99. 4 prices for one set of movies.

Of course €24.99 isn't a bad price for 3 movies so I'll forgive them, but I'll always search the shop before buying a DVD just in case I'm looking at the expensive stand.

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