Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Tourists will buy anything

On The Tubridy Show this morning a business man called Tom O'Connor from Salthill in Galway was interviewed about a new souvenir of Ireland that he is selling.... air. He is selling jars of Arann Island air. His first jar sold for $15.50 on eBay as part of a market test. He has sold 4 in total on eBay and the Treasure Chest in Galway has sold 10 for €3.99 euros. He also sells Cliffs of Moher air and plans to expand to Dingle Peninsula and Giants Causeway. The label tells you when it was bottled and the Arann Island jars tell you the windspeed.

I guess its the same Tom O'Connor who is running the website so now you know where to go for your jars full of air. :-)

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