Wednesday, July 20, 2005

More on Berties recent PR disaster

Following on from yesterdays story about the appointment of Celia Larkin to the board of the Consumer Affairs State body, it now emerges that Bertie nominated her himself, a month after the original members of the board has been announced. Miss Larkin claims she is qualified because she is a consumer. Well that makes us all qualified so where should I send my CV? She wont get paid only getting expenses, how civic minded of them.

At the end the article Micheal Martin asks if she should be forever banned from State jobs because of who she is. I think the answer is clearly no. No one should be forever banned, but the point is Bertie should know better than to appoint her himself.

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Anonymous said...

its a pity the media did'nt mention in any of their scathing attacks that the post she was appointed to is unpaid. As for expenses - well - she doesnt live in Donegal or Kerry so she will hardly be compensated for sitting through long meetings and reading stuffy documents.

Mr. Balance