Thursday, July 21, 2005

Too locked to drive?

The Fianna Fail TD John Ellis has called for alcolocks to be made mandatory on Irish cars. Nice idea and while I applaud the sentiment I just have to say, good luck getting that one through the Dail :-)

Remember this has to be passed by the same TDs who have jumped to the defense of publicans rights to pump alcohol into the general public without nasty things like food and a pleasant environment getting in the way of profit. How is a publican supposed to conduct his business if his car park is full of alcolocked cars?

Also how would some of the TDs and Ministers get home from a long nights work in the Dail bar if their car wouldn't start every time they were drunk? Though at the same time maybe those two lads would be in favour of a device that would have helped them avoid the trouble they got into when drunk. They could earn some political sympathy/brownie points if they came out publicly in support of this proposal for just that reason.

Still I reckon its got no chance of even making it to the Dail Chamber but maybe in the future... or maybe if we tackled the pub culture in Ireland instead of bending over backwards to facilitate it we wouldn't have so many people drink driving in the first place.

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