Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Protestors at the G8

The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me. The anarchists and other anti capitalism protestors have gathered in Scotland to protest at the G8 meeting determined to cause chaos and damage in the name of change. They are doing so in the full knowledge that for the first time in the history of the G8 and the G7 before it, the general public have united to call on the G8 leaders to make significant changes. The Live 8 and Make Poverty History campaigns have proven to be very popular and to-date successful.

They protest and declare that "8 people should not control everything". Well those 8 men are the elected representatives of the 8 most powerful nations and their jobs are to represent their national interests to the best of their ability. They themselves do not control the world, they are powerful but they are elected by the people of their nations. Protesting against those 8 men wont change anything if the voters in their nations don't agree with the aim of the protests.

That is why the Live 8 campaign has been so successful and had such a good chance of succeeding. Bob Geldof and Co went directly to the people and won them over with a parade of celebrities and music. Geldof could have spent the next 40 years campaigning and would never get anywhere if the voters didn't agree with him.

Now these idiots and loosers have put the whole campaign in danger with their antics. If they get in among the Make Poverty History marchers they will start trouble and the whole campaign will be tarnished. Geldofs challenge now will be to keep them out. The march will need to be self policed. Any idiot with a mask should find himself being ejected by the marchers around him. A clear message needs to be sent, they are not part the live 8 protest and they will not be accepted in the march. Otherwise a thousand anarchists will control the world and allow the G8 to turn their backs on Live 8.

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