Monday, December 05, 2005

Craft Show

Ok, I know this a bit of blatant advertising but I think I can be forgiven. I haven't done this before and I wont make a habit of it, promise. Hell, I don't even have Google ad-sense turned on.

The National Crafts Show is on in the RDS this week from the 7th to the 11th. Its a great place to pick up some nice Christmas presents, everything from hand made jewelry and clothing to mirrors and furniture. Last year there was also a pretty good foodstuff section with lots of samples, if you get bored.

If you do go along to the show take a look at NB Designs stand A45. Nicola and Brenda are two friends of mine who make various types of jewelry based on their own designs. They use semi-precious gem stones, sterling silver and art glass beads. They have been making jewelry for several years and I think this is their third show in the RDS. The pictures on their website don't do their stuff justice, and seem to be pretty old compared to some of the pieces they have now. At the very least call into their stand and tell them I sent you, it'll freak them out :-)

Update: I had to go to the RDS last night to help my friends set up their stand. The craft show seems to be at least as big as last year. In fact some of the stands seemed more tightly packed so perhaps they have added in another row of stand in some places. Worth a visit for anyone shopping for Christmas presents.

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