Tuesday, December 06, 2005


As expected David Cameron won the Conservative leadership election. For the first time in a over a decade the Conservative party looks like a good election package. Cameron and his team, nicknamed the Cameroons, look very young and energetic, you would never pick them for members of the Conservative party, let alone the leaders of that party. They certainly are not Harry Enfields "Tory Boy".

His team is amazingly young, they all seem to be in the mid to late 30s. They look more like dot-com middle management execs than statesmen. That could well be the greatest challenge they will face over the next few years, convincing the nation that they can represent them on the international stage, though Gordon Brown doesn't exactly look the part either. Imagine this, in four years time, David Cameron could be Prime Minister of Britain and Hillary Clinton could be President of America. Weird!

Personally I don't think I'd vote for either Labour or The Conservative Party at the moment. It's would be like voting between E-Coli steak and Salmonella chicken poisoning. You don't want either but you feel you should eat something. Maybe stick with a salad and vote Liberal Democrat, it might not get rid of your hunger but it probably wont kill you either.

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