Friday, May 20, 2005

Eurovision Failure

Ireland failed to get through to the final of the Eurovision last night. This morning the airwaves were full of people saying the song was great, we were robbed, and it was all a voting block by the Balkan states. Strange. A couple of days ago the airwaves were full of people saying the song sucked and we didn't have a chance.

I didn't watch Eurovision last night, I went to Star Wars instead (more about that later today) and to be honest I wouldn't have watched it anyway, the only bit I ever watched was the voting and I haven't watched that for years. However I'm told Eurovision is now made up of 40 countries each of which allows their public to vote instead of using the old jury of experts system and that the four big countries (England, France, Germany and Spain) will always be allowed into the final no matter how badly they do.

I have two opinions on this.
Firstly, or course crap songs win Eurovision and EuroStar. Its not about the song anymore its about what appeals to 13 year olds with mobile phones. Our contestants looked like childrens TV presenters.

Secondly, and maybe this is just the Euro-skeptic in me coming more to the fore with each passing referendum, but to me Eurovision is the image of where I fear the European Union will end up. 40+ countries taking part with three teers of power. On top are England, France and Germany, always guaranteed a say. In the middle are the new member states, getting funds and resources from the EU and clubbing together to vote. At the bottom the older small members, now net contributors having had their victories in the past, but no longer able to influence decisions and instead forever locked out of the real competition.

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