Thursday, May 19, 2005

Conor Lenihan

The hassle one off the cuff remark can cause is unbelievable. Conor Lenihan the Irish junior minister for overseas development is in a world of trouble for telling Joe Higgins the Soclialist Party leader to "stick with the kebabs". Granted it was a bad remark to make and he shouldn't have said it, but who in their life has never said anything without thinking. In fact if it hadn't been for the microphones in the Dail chamber the comment may never have been heard above all the other shouting going on at the time.

Conor has since apologised but that isn't good enough for the tabloid editors who, smelling blood, are baying for his resignation. Perhaps they have watched All the Presidents Men too many times and think that in order to be real journalists they have to get a politician to resign. They should be as quick to apply their sense of moral outrage to their own papers, but then they probably wouldn't have any stories left to print.

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