Friday, May 11, 2007

Vote NewsTalk

Newstalk have gotten into the election poster dogfight by putting election style posters on bus shelters in Donnybrook (and Cork). This follows Taytos campaign, which is more annoying and rather questionable.

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Anonymous said...

Well Newstalk's nickname is Oppositiontalk so at least their new posters are admitting as much.

Newstalk is the media wing of Fine Gael. It is owned by Denis O'Brien who owes much of his billionaire status to Fine Gael corruption and Newstalk (in particular Eamon Keane) have operated a strong pro Fine Gael ethos since it went nation wide. In the 3 months up to the election Enda Kenny and Pat Rabbitt shared a daily publicity slot on the Eamon Keane show.