Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Questions for Canvassers

Damien Mulley has a list of questions that Irish Bloggers say they would ask politicians that call to their door during the upcoming election campaign. It makes for interesting reading, though you can assume that bloggers by their very nature are more politically aware than the majority of voters

Here are 5 from me:

  1. How do you propose to put an end to the exploitation of taxpayers by contractors and developers working on government projects?
  2. Do you believe in long and meaningful prison sentences for politicians and public servants convicted of corruption or of obstructing investigations into corruption?
  3. Will you resign from any ministry to which you are appointed should projects overseen by your department run over budget or behind schedule due to incompetence on your part or on the part of those reporting to you?
  4. Do you believe those found to have influenced political decisions by bribery should be banned from holding directorships in companies and have the profits of those decisions investigated by the Criminal Assets Bureau?
  5. If you fail to meet your current election promises will remove your name from the ballot paper for the next election?
Though 5 are not enough, I didn't even get to trade unions, property prices, crime, health care, the environment, infrastructure, national competitiveness, the growing influence of the EU......

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