Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Wheres Dunphy?

I was writing a post about this when I spotted a similar one on the Dublin Blog and I got curious and went searching the web. What's the story with Eamon Dunphy and NewsTalk 106? He has been on holidays for a while. I personally thought he was just on an extended holiday from his morning show to focus on football punditry during the World Cup. He is on RTE some nights and writes a column for the Star. But I'd also noticed some people visiting an older post of mine where I mentioned Dunphy and NewsTalk, so obviously other people are curious too and there must have been some rumour out there.

NewsTalk still listed him as one of their presenters, the stand-in presenter still said on the podcasts he was standing in for Dunphy, and the stations plans to go national included Dunphy. It would be a blow for them if they lost him.

Then I found Wikipedia had been updated today to say he was leaving NewsTalk, but you cant really trust Wikipedia 100%. A search in Googles News section eventually returned the story.

Eamon Dunphy is leaving Newstalk.
"Because of my increased commitment to RTE television sports soccer coverage, I have decided not to exercise the option of another year on my contract with NewsTalk 106," said Dunphy.

"Over the past two years I have enjoyed the challenge of helping to create the credible morning programme that NewsTalk now has. I was fortunate to have worked with an outstanding team and I wish them and the station every success in the future."

Well aint that a kick in the nuts for Newstalks national plans. Still no one is irreplaceable, as David McWilliams knows. I wonder if Dunphy has something in the pipeline, he cant have quit his job just because the World Cup is on?

Update 26th June: Dunphy was back on the radio this morning. At the end of the show he explained that he has to work out his notice with the station. He gave the impression that the station was as much to blame as he was. He also said that the introduction of the 30c text messages which he was strongly opposed to had created a rift between his team and the station managers. It sounded a little like him trying to justify his decision, but there was probably a grain of truth to it. The 30c texts may have been the final straw.


Anonymous said...

Who cares..do you miss him that much?

Newstalk could probably do without the big fat cat..

Declan said...

If you had to listen to the stand-ins they have had you would start to appreciate Dunphy a little more. He was always good for a bit of controversy. Now I find myself flicking to Morning Ireland.

I think NewsTalk need some fat cats for their national launch. At the moment none of their presenters is a real household name, outside Dublin anyway, until you get to Sean Moncrief at 2:30pm.

Anonymous said...

I don't always like him - he's got some big blind spots but he's different and represents good choice on the market.

Maybe he's leaving over the 30c text business. He didn't seem happy about it at the time.

Anonymous said...

which program has ruth and declan in the morning, doing talk radio?

Declan said...

Declan Carty has a show from 11 to 12:30. Orla Barry is on before him, they used to present a show together a couple of years ago I think? There was also a Ruth Scott and Rick O'Shea on 2FM around the same time. Maybe thats what you were thinking of?

Declan said...

Note: before anyone asks, no I'm not Declan Carty. Theres a reason I blog instead of podcast :-)