Monday, September 27, 2010

Why I love my iPhone

I recently wondered where the iPhone 4 fitted in on the scale of computing devices I've owned down through the years. Sure it kicks the ass of my first computer, a Sinclair ZX-Spectrum+ which is still at home in it's original if slightly damaged box. It might not be in 100% working order anymore, it was owned by kids not preserved by collectors, but it's still a lovely piece of childhood history. On the other hand the iPhone certainly falls well below the power of my MacBook Pro, but how about my girlfriends 6 year old Dell laptop or my last Sony laptop (stolen in it's prime 3 years ago).

Turns out someone had a similar thought and was already kind enough to figure it out. The iPhone 4 is pretty much twice as good as a 10 year old iMac Bondi. So I guess that means it's somewhere around the level of the old Dell but below the Sony. I've no exact measurements for this but that'll do enough to at least enough to satisfy my curiosity. Sure it's comparing apples and oranges, an iPhone is never going to replace a larger screen and keyboard but it's not that far from replacing the processor and storage for many people. Certainly my retired parents would be happy to do their computing on an iMac Bondi if it could connect to the internet properly so a unit built around an iPhone would be perfect for them. Maybe an iPad with keyboard dock could be their next laptop.


Nicola said...

I've pretty much decided to bow down to Apple might and go with an IPhone as my next phone now that they have made it a bit smaller. It will also double up as my IPod touch upgrade so win/win.

I wouldn't say no to an IPad either if one fell into my lap :)

Declan said...

You should, sure dont you have an old mac as well now or did you get one in the end?

I'd stay away from the iPad. Lovely tech but the version 2 one is still likely to be a big step forward in response to the PlayBook and others.

Sylvin said...

Nope, I wasn't going to get one as I still have my laptop. I was letting you know at the time as I thought you might have been interested in one :)

As for the IPad, I agree, wait for the 2nd version :) Plus, I think they are still overpriced!