Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Star Wars 3D

It is being reported that the George Lucas money machine is going to return to the Star Wars fans for yet another round of funding with remastered movies. This time the 6 movies are going to be released in 3D in the cinema starting with Episode 1 in 2012 and then one each year after that. Has the franchise jumped the sarlacc pit? I fear it's fallen head first into it.

I admit in my misspent youth I bought the movies on VHS, then a few years later the remastered versions on VHS, then on DVD and last year I got a gift of the original unremastered versions on DVD. I also went to see the remastered movies in the cinema and, with growing despair, the 3 prequels. Lucas has enough of my money now, 3D is a step too far. I certainly don't want to see Jar-Jars flapping ears flying out of a screen towards me.

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