Monday, April 06, 2009

Fact Finding Mission

I was just listening to a lady talking on the radio about the possibility the government may cut foreign aid in the budget tomorrow. She was just back from a fact finding mission to Bolivia and the situation was pretty desperate over there.

Hmm, well here's the thing, I haven't been on a fact finding mission and I know things are pretty desperate in the developing world. How about cutting out the fact finding missions, both by aid agency managers and government ministers, and just use a telephone to ask the people on the ground what they need. Then use the money which had been allocated for the trips to give those people some of what they need.

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Declan said...

To my anonymous commentator, I wouldnt suggest any one person uses fact finding missions as holidays, just they use fact finding missions for fact finding when telephones work just as well :-)

Shame I couldnt edit the name out of your comment but I dont want to be sued ;-)