Friday, April 10, 2009

24 reasons to buy a generator

Spies have penetrated the US power grid and planted software that could shut it down, or at least so says the US government. Didn't I see this on 24 a couple of weeks ago? Actually didn't I see this on Die Hard a few years ago? Or any number of movies and TV shows for decades? It is a bit hard to believe that the US power grid can be hacked into from China or Russia. If a TV script writer can think of it shouldn't some highly paid government advisor?

Though now that I think about it I do remember a guy I worked with in a large company used to dial into his home network provider on his work laptop so he could download stuff blocked by the firewall. This while also connected to the office network. Basically millions invested in corporate firewalls and cyber-security can be bypassed by one guy who wants to watch YouTube in work.

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