Monday, February 02, 2009

TV Schedule Conflict

What fecking ejit in RTE thought it would be a good idea to schedule the new series of Greys Anatomy on RTE Two at 9:30pm against the new series of 24 on Sky One at 9pm on Mondays? Seriously, it's a disaster waiting to happen in some homes. In a couple of weeks there are going to be trial separations and kids sitting on stairs saying "Mommy and Daddy are shouting again".

Thank God we had a second TV stored under the stairs that could be set up in the spare bedroom in a hurry during an ad break in 24.


Colm Flynn said...

Invest in Sky Plus.

Or search your local Lidl shops and get their HDD recorder and a satellite dish. The recorder has the option of two inputs so you can record one channel and watch another at the same time just like sky plus.

Or head up to Newry and get a Freesat recorder (I don't think the recorders are available in sat4free option here in Ireland but check Tesco to see if it is).

Of course you can't get sky on Free to Air or Freesat so that might limit your choices to Sky plus.

Declan said...

We might look into getting an Ntl digital recorder box. We're not allowed put a sattelite dish up on the apartment, management company rules, so we are limited in what we can get. Sky plus would be cool though :-)

Colonel Creedon said...

Or prevent all if this hullabaloo by simply downloading both shows from the internet. That's what it's there for!!!

Which makes me realise I'm watching 24 a week ahead of you. So you'd be really pissed at me if I said... Naaa! I won't - but isn't it so much better than the crap that was Season 6?

Declan said...

Could download it but that leads to other problems such as being then asked to download the next 10 episodes of Grey's Anatomy or Home and Away or ER or god knows what. :-)