Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bus Strike

There will be a national bus strike on the 28th of February with two more days planned in March. I've always believed that there were fewer buses on the roads when there was a major sporting event on TV. One evening a few years ago when there was some rugby, soccer, GAA and Formula 1 events all falling on the same weekend people were queueing for hours at the 11 bus stop on O'Connell St. The woman at the top of the queue rang the number printed on the stop and was told there was only one 11 bus running that day because all the other drivers had rung in sick. I hope they weren't too weak to lift their heads and stare at the TV screen in the pub.

Guess what, the 28th of February is the day Ireland plays England in Croke Park. It might be a coincidence but I bet some drivers are glad to have the opportunity to sneak away from the picket line and get into a pub to watch the match.

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