Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bush Shoe Animations

The video of the Iraqi shoe thrower has become the new darling of the online animation world, I expect we'll be seeing new animations for months to come and parodies for years.

I would post links to the gifs here but they were killing the Boing Boing site from whence they came so I'm just going to direct everyone over to Boing Boing to watch them. My favourite is the Three Stooges one at the end, does that mean I am saying something about my mental age?

The link to the BBC story does explain why throwing shoes at someone is such an insult in the Arab world. I do remember reading once that part of the problems Americans had in Somalia back in the 1990's were caused by soldiers sitting on the edge of helicopters with their feet dangling over the side showing the soles of their boots to all the citizens below. I don't think anyone could ever say it caused the black hawk down incident but it helped to piss off the citizens who took it as an insult from the people who were trying to save them from famine and starvation.

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