Friday, November 28, 2008

They did nothing wrong?

I'm sick of hearing in radio interviews how government ministers and executives from Fás did nothing wrong because they only got what they were entitled to as part of their trip. Does no one in the civil service or government realise that telling people that they only spent money because they were entitled to spend that money is bloody annoying.

I don't care if Mary Harney was entitled to get her hair done when on a government trip. I don't care if Rody Molloy was entitled to bring his wife with him because he downgraded from first class to business class. Those entitlements are wrong, just plain wrong. Why couldn't Mary get her hair done before she went, or does she need her hair washed and blow dried every day? Why did Rody have to bring his wife, would he have been kicked out of what ever functions he had to go to because he was alone? Maybe himself and Mary could have left their spouses in Ireland and gone to the functions together saving us the cost of two tickets.

Some one has got to get a handle on the idea that people are entitled to extras in the civil service and teach them that money doesnt grow on trees.

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