Friday, November 21, 2008

Does anyone on this plane know how to land a plane?

An Air Canada flight from Toronto to Heathrow was forced to land in Shannon airport after the co-pilot became confused and disorientated and had to be restrained. The captain had to look for a passenger with flying experience to help him land the jet. In the end a flight attendant with a commercial pilot's licence helped land the plane.

I probably shouldn't post this since my girlfriend is flying home for Christmas on Air Canada and already hates the airline. She's been very unlucky when flying home on Air Canada. Her flight is always delayed. I know people say that all the time, but seriously, in all the time I've known her she has never been on a flight on her own that was not delayed by a couple of hours at the very least. I'm the lucky one and tend to not be delayed so when she flies with me the flight arrives on time, but I shouldn't boast.

The last time she flew home she was delayed by over 24 hours. She was put up in a hotel and only later learned that compensation had been provided in the form of money off vouchers for other flights that had been placed on a counter where the passengers were waiting in the airport. Unfortunately it appears Air Canada didn't actually bother to announce this and most of the passengers including my girlfriend didn't get their vouchers. Now she's worried that she wont be home in time for Christmas, you shouldn't have to worry about not getting home for Christmas when you book flights with a major international airline but she does given her past experience.

Add to that the fact that Air Canada cancelled the St Johns to Heathrow route that she used to take all the time and it surprises me that any Newfoundlander still flies with them. I guess they are the easiest way to get to Canada, but they really do need to work on their customer service. They have already changed the schedule of her flights home for Christmas 3 times in the last 3 months and she now gets back into Dublin on New Years Eve at 5pm instead of in the morning as she had originally planned. I've never flown with them and not had them change the schedule at least once. I'm not talking about just flight time changes, I've had stop overs in other cities added to my flight plan, Ottawa might be nice city to visit but not to break up the not so arduous 3 hour flight from Toronto to St Johns.

I would guess if the pilot of that disrupted flight from Toronto to Heathrow had come on the intercom and asked if anyone knew how to fly a plane most of the passengers would have just rolled their eyes and mumbled "Bloody Air Canada, messing around again".

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