Tuesday, May 20, 2008


How in the name of God did the Eurovision get so popular it can be on TV twice this week? Sure the Eurvision itself can be a laugh for its pure stupidity and bizareness but do we really need two semi-finals? No wonder RTE sent a turkey, they couldn't afford to host 1 Eurovision never mind 3.

It's like the EU, the more we vote the bigger and more painful it gets.

Update: Just saw Dustin perform. Only one way out of this now. Vote No to Lisbon and tell them it's all part of the same anti-EU campaign :-)

Update 2: So we didnt make it through, my national pride is a little bruised yet relieved. Was anyone truely surprised?


Celtic donkey said...

Oh come on... the Eurovision is an international institution! It's quality cheese.

Never before in the field of human endeavour have so many been so tacky with so few rewards... and we have been world leaders in this! Personally I think it's great.

Darran said...

I was hoping we would get through to the final. RTÉ did do a lot of work to raise the media profile of Dustin, but I guess Europe didn't get it!

See what the Eurovision has become! Increase the amount of countries and their voting rights and voting blocks emerge! Our only solution to this is slap them in the face with a No to the Lisbon Treaty! :-P