Friday, May 09, 2008

Anyone want a Spire?

Newstalk reported today that several monuments including the Spire, O'Connell Monument and Parnell Monument on O'Connell Street might have to be removed for several years to allow construction of the new Metro. Brian Cowen is only in charge of the countey for 24 hours and already he's redecorating the gaff.

When I first blogged about this over at the Dublin Community Blog I thought it was a good idea. Now though I wonder if the cut and fill approach to building the metro is the way to go?Why cant they dig tunnels underground and minimise the impact above ground? Why is it going to take several years to complete the O'Connell Street section of the line? If this is the rate of progress that can be expected how long will it take to build the line from St Stephens Green to the airport? How much of O'Connell Street will be closed to the public? Will it the work be completed in time for 2016? Will they restore all the monuments back to their original positions?


Keith said...

I think you've almost answered your own question there. Tunnelling is a lot more expensive than cut and cover so if they did that, you'd be bitching about the amount it was all costing.

As to the disruptions on O'Connell street, my guess is that traffic will be down to one lane either way (and maybe only open to buses) and the centre will be off limits.

Declan said...

If they put the metro line down the center of the street then they will never be able to put the spire back in its original position. As for cost let's face it there is no point in choosing the cheap option for public proiects in Ireland, the costs will just over run anyway and end up costing the same.